Kat and Ian in their own little bubble while the rest of cast are being interviewed

So f-ING cute

Kat and Ian during the cast’s EW Comic Con 2014 Interview

My lovelies

My biggest goal is that people recognize their intuition a bit more and listen to it a bit more.

I always had this idea in my head!! A bamon spin off yes please!!!

Kat Graham & Ian Somerhalder work out together…

Sorry Nikki but I had to make these pics… 

If only these were real *Sighs* 

(What if Kat’s engagement & Ian dating Nikki is just a cover up of Somergraham actually dating? *Gasps* I WISH!!)

Ian and Kat being adorable little shits during the cast’s EW interview (x)

Dear Kat & Ian please get together

The vampire diaries cast attends San Diego comic con July 25-2014… Absolutely loved the panel. Especially when Ian and Kat talked about bamon ship names lol.

Ian Somerhalder & Kat Graham are caught taking a selfie at San Diego comic con July 25-2014.