Kat Graham For Cosmopolitan Romania Aug 2014

She is so sexy and beautiful..I’ve always wanted her on this.. If only she was on the U.S. cover. I want this so bad<3

Nina dobrev speaks French And gives shout outs to different parts of the world!! Towards the end she Indirected me by saying Arizona :D I was so scared it was going so fast she wouldn’t notice! thank you nina!

Nina Dobrev says “this is my co star Paul Wesley” as Ian walks by xD

OMG I just reached 200 followers here on tumblr.

Thank you all so much! I’ve been on here since 2010 so 3 1/2 years and I finally just broke 200 followers!

In honor of my 200 mark, enjoy some of my favorite Kat Graham pics from her foster grants photoshoot ;)

ps: I love you all<3

lol i love how no one reblogs this…


#TheVampireDiaries Click & Drag Game. Click on GIFs and drag pic off to the side to see what you are, who your one true love is, who’ll turn you, etc.!


You Are: Vampire

First Kiss: Alaric

One True Love: damon

Best Girl Friend: Sage

Best Guy Friend: Klaus

Female Enemy: Sage

Male Enemy: Alaric

Killed by: Elijah

Turned By: Elijah

Okay.. how does my best friend end up my enemy and i guess i was turned and then killed by the same person… and my first kiss is my enemy lol

My Love For Ian Somerhalder….

I’ve been in love for 4 years. No it’s not a boyfriend or crush kind of love but instead it’s love for a certain celebrity and his name is Ian Somerhalder. People love him because he’s hot and plays Badass Damon Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries but to me he’s more then that and I’ll be happy to explain what my love for him is actually about. 

11 years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and was suicidal. I never wanted to wake up and face the day I had ahead of me. I thought everyday about how I was going to kill myself. Sometimes I would lock myself in the bathroom or my room and cry my eyes out. I sometimes even cried myself to sleep. There were times it was so bad I had nightmares of me dying and no one cared and I woke up crying. I was depressed because I was abused mentally and psychically by my parents. I had no friends and I was pretty much a loner. People told me to kill myself and that I was a nobody and honestly that’s how I truly felt.

I never really talked about it in detail before but sometimes I would cut and pull at my hair and smack my face against the wall because I felt worthless. One time I ended up in the hospital and no one came and visited me, not even my parents…. (Oh great I am crying and shaking while I type this..) My parents weren’t really “parents” to me and I wish they were… The people you look up to and ask for advice without them judging you or taking their anger out on you. I have bruises and scars from the past that will never go away. I even wrote my parents goodbye letters and my mom just waved and told me goodbye….

Now you are probably wondering what this even has to do with Ian Somerhalder well it’s simple really. He saved my life. Everytime I had those bad thoughts, I either thought about him or looked at pictures of him to calm me down & also getting involved with ISF. He has done so much for me and it saddens me that he will never know…

I’ve written him letters, people have given him my letters years ago and to this day I haven’t received anything about it. I understand he is a busy man but I just wish one day I can sit and talk with him about my story and if it weren’t for him I would not be here and I don’t think he realizes how much he means to me.

I’ve donated to ISF, I’ve tried to help as much as I can but I feel like I’m just a nobody… I do so much and it seems like no one appreciates it or appreciates me. This is why I’m just a nobody…

Yes I still have bad days where I just want to be done with life but Ian helps me through it.

I am going to see him again in Sep at tvd vegas convention and I am working 2 jobs and busting my ass off so I can try and get a Ian Meet N Greet, but I really want to talk to him personally. It breaks my heart knowing he doesn’t know how he helped me…

Ian Somerhalder is not a celebrity… He is a hero… He is MY hero. That is what my love for him means,



It’s sad that no one cares about issues like this on tumblr :(


unseen photo from comic con

Yay it’s real!!

So this picture has been going around twitter from last years comic con and OMG kat’s arms are around Ian’s waist and his hand is on her arm!!!! Paul is adorable and Candice is gorgeous! Love these people!

OMG I found this shirt on http://skreened.com and I should totally buy it and wear it to tvd Vegas con during my Ian/Kat photo op ;P

It’s kinda plain though lol I could make one :0

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