After years of trying to get a reply from demi, tonight I tweeted her about how I’ve been bullied and I was there for her from the beginning and she is there for me right now and saved my life and I checked twitter and saw I got a new DM from demi lovato 😭😭😭 I am crying finally she noticed me!!!

Well this sucks… Even when I post something that comes from the heart, no one reads it nor reblogs it… I give up. I feel invisible here…. People never leave me messages anymore and I feel left out seeing other tumblr friends talk about how they love each other so I’m done. I’ll just stop posting here.. Not that any of you even noticed me anyway so goodbye.

"Behind every smile, is a story"

No matter how many people meet their favorite celebrities, heroes, role models & inspirations, there is always a reason he/she became someone they look up to. Demi Lovato & Ian Somerhalder have always been my inspirations & heroes for a really long time all because they saved my life and more. Suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts for 12 years, abuse & bullying, they have helped me through my darkest times and they don’t even know it. Sometimes it makes me wonder when someone walks up to them, do they know what they have done for this person? Do they know that the reason they are smiling is not only because of them but because they truly impacted their life for the better?

I remember the first time I met Demi Lovato and right off the back I told her thank you for saving my life and I was on the urge of tears. She kept saying thank you and thank you over and over but she does not know just how she saved my life. When I met Ian Somerhalder, I was going to tell him thank you for helping me in life and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here, but I remember standing in line and these girls behind me pretty much said how stupid it was to even tell him you love him because that’s why we are all here so therefore I did not tell him. It wasn’t until the second time I met him, I remember it was my turn in line to get his autograph and because the line was moving so quickly, I told myself it was now or never. So as I stood before him I said “Ian, if it wasn’t for you, I would not be standing here right now” as I choked on my words he gave me a high five which then led to him holding my hand for a few seconds and he said “You are amazing, thank you so much” but again he doesn’t know how he saved my life.

One day, I would love to sit and talk with these people individually and talk one on one about how they saved my life and one day I hope I can inspire people just like these two have inspired me. So next time you are meeting your favorite celeb whether it is at a meet n greet, or a concert, just remember, everyone has their own story, everyone is inspired in one way or another.

What’s my story? Let’s just say that because of Demi Lovato & Ian Somerhalder, I am still on this planet & became stronger, taking one day at a time. I’m not perfect, and these two have shown me that perfection is not about looks or money but instead believing in yourself and doing what makes YOU happy.

Damon : Elena, move on.
Elena : But I can't...
Damon : *after looking at his watch* We need to have that conversation, but another time... *He smiles* Bonnie's getting her first ultrasound today, we're having a witchy baby. I need to get going or else I'm gonna be late. But we're so having this talk later. 'Kay bai.
He disappears.
Elena : ... This stuff is really strong --"
My feels!

Happy 4th Birthday to my blog… Where has the time gone… I  remember when I first made my tumblr I barely posted things, now I post things Ian,Demi,Kat and Bamon related. Thank you for following my posts :) you guys rock! I’m actually shocked that I have over 200 followers. Thanks so much for everything!


Proud of him!

Very proud!!!! :’)


A spin off of the hit CW tv show “The Vampire Diaries” starring Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) coming to the CW fall 2015.

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Kat Graham for Esquire Czech Republic

She is so sexy!!


@katgrahampics : Season 6 Gallery shoot #thevampirediaries

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