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I had the opportunity to see & meet Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights Tour here in my home state of Arizona which now I can cross off my bucket list since I have now met her here. I was going to go by myself but my sister texted me the day tickets went on sale so I got Section BBB Row 18 seats 11 & 12 during the facebook presale and later on I got the Made in the USA VIP package to meet demi. I felt bad my sister didn’t get one so I got her a Little Mix meet n greet since she loves them but they never sent me in the info until the day of the concert. When we went to the venue the lady gave my sister her wristband and I got one for free randomly which was awesome. I got to see Demi during her soundcheck and she looked right at me. Then when I met her she was sick so they told us we couldn’t hug and she couldn’t talk because of her throat but when I walked in she said “Hi how are you” and I told her i’m good can we do a heart for a picture and she said “ya sure” and after they took the pic she said thank you and i said no thank you demi. It was faster this time around sadly.Then my sister and I went and met little mix for an autograph session and my sister and I got a selfie pic with Perrie lol. After that we ate and went to our seats. Since the stage stuck out in the middle alittle our section didn’t start with row 1 but instead with row 11 so we were technically row 8 which was awesome. The whole show was awesome and during Give your heart a break, Demi pointed and waved at me and my sister since we were like smack dab in the middle. It was an amazing show! My sister even loved it. I want to go to another one soon ;) 

The pics are my pics I took with my canon camera. If you use please credit me. Thanks.

When I was in elementary school, I was bullied on and off. I would have a few friends but most of the time I was a loner. I didn’t know what bullying was until I reached 5th grade. I started to be bullied more at school. People would call me stupid Chinese (I’m Korean) and do the Chinese slanted eyes gesture to me and I was also called ” A boy who got surgery done to look like a girl”. It wasn’t until middle school which was 11 years ago that I realized I wanted to commit suicide and die. I had written a letter to one of my guy friends that I was going to kill myself if my crush didn’t like me the way I liked him. His dad found the letter and turned it into the school. But it wasn’t until high school that I was severely depressed because my parents would fight all the time, kids would threaten me online, make fake myspace pages about me with vulgar language and I lost all my friends due to he said she said drama. It felt like the world was against me. I had no friends, my parents would pin point everything that was wrong with me. I was abused, I cut and I wanted to end my life. I was sick of living with this pain and feeling hopeless. I would cry myself to sleep every day for the past 11 years wishing I had someone to be there for me and listen and be there for me.

I first saw Demi Lovato in concert on tour with the Jonas Brothers in July of 2008. Her song “Believe in me” really touched me. I could relate to the song and ever since then I fell in love with her music. Whenever I have a bad day, I just listen to her music and everything is okay. I had the opportunity to meet her twice and tell her thank you for saving my life. I cried the first time I met her and she said “Thank you so much that means alot”. Now when I listen to Skyscraper & Warrior they have a whole new meaning for me.

I first started watching The Vampire Diaries when it was half way through season 2 on tv. I just woke up one day and said “Hey I’m going to watch tvd online and catch up” which I’m glad I did because then I discovered Ian Somerhalder, I fell in love with the show and with Ian. Not because he’s handsome or hot but because he was an incredible person. The way he created ISF and his love for the world and animals blew me away. By this time I was at the lowest part of my life. I was just completely done with life and was about to end it when I started watching videos and reading interviews that Ian did and it created a smile on my face and I got involved with ISF and bought a never never give up bracelet him and his brother BOB created which made me happy. I was so grateful to have met him twice and the first time I met him, I didn’t tell him thank you for saving my life because I was in front of these girls in line who said it would be stupid for people to tell him that so i didn’t but when I met him the second time I told myself, it’s now or never so I said “Ian i just wanted to thank you for everything you do. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be standing here right now” He grabbed my hand and said “thank you that means so much you rock”.

I sometimes still have those days where I feel so low and want to die but then I listen to Demi’s music or read/look at Ian related news and I feel much better. I just wish I had the time to talk to each of them one on one and tell them my story personally and how they saved my life.

Without these two heroes/inspirations in my life, I would be dead. I love them so much and not because they are celebrities but because they are humans… Inspiring human beings.

2013 memories. Meeting tvd cast in Vegas & Dallas.

2013 memories. Meeting tvd cast in Vegas & Dallas.

Thank you to a generous #iansomerhalder #somerholic fan for reaching out to me and sending me money so I could go to the #tvd con in #Vegas next year. Im so thankful and blessed that someone with a great heart would do this for me! There are good people in the world! #merrychristmas to me can’t wait to see the cast again. #damonsalvatore #paulwesley #stefansalvatore #katgraham #bonniebennett #stevenmcqueen #jeremygilbert

Thank you to a generous #iansomerhalder #somerholic fan for reaching out to me and sending me money so I could go to the #tvd con in #Vegas next year. Im so thankful and blessed that someone with a great heart would do this for me! There are good people in the world! #merrychristmas to me can’t wait to see the cast again. #damonsalvatore #paulwesley #stefansalvatore #katgraham #bonniebennett #stevenmcqueen #jeremygilbert

Being a 22 year old young adult living in a small city in southwest Arizona is not all fun and games. Growing up, I suffered from alot of things that teens nowadays go through. From being online bullied to being bullied at school. I was mentally, psychically, and emotionally abused by who I thought were my friends and family. It all started 12 years ago, people made fun of me the usual elementary school teasing saying I was a stupid chinese (I’m Korean) and said I was a guy who got surgery done to look like a girl but then when I was just 11 years old and in middle school, I was diagnosed with severe depression and was having suicidal thoughts.

When I entered high school, I lost all my friends with the whole “he said she said” drama and I didn’t want to go to school anymore. People created a anti myspace page of me posting my youtube videos of me singing and the url was “thatkarissabitch”. I was being threatened, people wanted to kill me for no reason at all. I pretended to be sick so I could stay home but when I stayed home thats when my parents started getting angry. I remember I went to school one day and had this huge bruise on my inner thigh from when my dad had smacked me with his belt buckle because I was feeling sick and didn’t want to go to church. A classmate noticed it and asked what happened and I lied saying I fell off my skateboard. My counselor noticed I missed a bunch of school so she pulled me into her office and thats when I told her about everything. How my parents hurt me and not my younger sister. But the investigation closed after I turned 18 the following year.

I switched schools and had to give up my love for band since my new school didn’t offer it. But I switched schools so I could do better and I graduated a year ealier in 2008, found a job that I have been at ever since. But there was still something missing. I was still a loner, had no friends and I was lonely all the time. My parent’s still treated me bad and I realized that I was bi-polar. My parent’s fight all the time and pretty much don’t love each other anymore. When I’m upset because of my depression, I can’t even talk to my mother because she says its stupid for me to cry and that I need to get my brain fixed. I cry even more when she says that to me because sometimes I want to talk to her about how I feel but still get judged no matter what. It’s not easy to just stop depression especially when you don’t have family support.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Ian Somerhalder and ISF. Well I was introduced to Ian Somerhalder and the world of The Vampire Diaries in 2010. I knew about Nina Dobrev from Degrassi and I honestly thought it was just another dumb vampire show. Well when it was half way through season 2, I woke up one morning and said Hey I’ll watch the show from the beginning on my computer. So I did and fell in love with the show.

I was at the lowest part in my life and just couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted all the pain and suffering to end that I thought it was best for me to leave this world. Well I started watching Ian interviews and looked at photos of him and saw that his brother BOB had made some Never Never Give up bracelets which I purchased in Las Vegas at the convention. I had the honor of meeting him twice and thanked him but I hope one day I can personally thank him for everything he has done. People have said my story and letter to him inspired them as well and I hope I can inspire and open a whole new perspective after people read this.

Thats when I realized that if it weren’t for him I would not be here today. I recently just got involved with ISF (ian somerhalder foundation) and I have to say, I am very happy to be apart of the ISF family. Maybe this is what I’m meant to do.

Some people might just say he’s just a celebrity but to me he will always be Ian Somerhalder, the man who saved my life.

Anonymous said: I have to say I love your blog!! I also saw some posts that you have gone thru rough times and I want to say keep strong!! You are an amazing and gorgeous woman with so much potential and so much to give the world. Don't give up, take heart. <33

Oh gosh I haven’t been here in a while so I’m sorry I am just now seeing this. Thank you so much

HAPPY BIRTHDAY #iansomerhalder @iansomerhalder my inspiration my hero! Hope you got your bday wish :) #isf #tvd #damonsalvatore #35

HAPPY BIRTHDAY #iansomerhalder @iansomerhalder my inspiration my hero! Hope you got your bday wish :) #isf #tvd #damonsalvatore #35

In honor of #tvd100 here&#8217;s a collage of the cast I met so far :)

In honor of #tvd100 here’s a collage of the cast I met so far :)

Time to cut the cake :D so proud #tvd100 #tvdfamily #julieplec #kevinwilliamson #iansomerhalder #paulwesley #candiceaccola #katgraham #ninadobrev #stevenmcqueen #zachroerig #michaeltrevino #tvd #vampirediaries #cw #wb #f4f #teamfollowback #followme

Time to cut the cake :D so proud #tvd100 #tvdfamily #julieplec #kevinwilliamson #iansomerhalder #paulwesley #candiceaccola #katgraham #ninadobrev #stevenmcqueen #zachroerig #michaeltrevino #tvd #vampirediaries #cw #wb #f4f #teamfollowback #followme